Aluminum Al Mahdi


IID consulted Al Mahdi Aluminum for Anode production line with the capacity of 110.000 t/y in Bandar Abbas. Siemens and KHD from Germany and Elin from Austria were the suppliers of the equipment. This plant was commissioned in 2006.






 Iron Ore Transport Terminal (BIKIOT)


IID designed, manufactured part of the equipment and erected Bandar Imam Iron ore terminal. The major machines for this 50,000 t/d plant in Khuzestan were supplied by ABB, TAIM and Elin. This plant was commissioned in 2004.



Waste Management


IID has extended its services to the protection of environment, specially generating of electricity from municipality waste. The services include:

•Design and production of waste fired power plants and biomass with  the latest world technology.

•Production of electricity from waste within the framework of the environmental standards for large cities and local communities.

 Design and  production  of RDF machinery to substitute fossil fuel in cement kiln and any other thermal processing plants.

•Design  of  advanced systems  for  flue gas treatment, filtration  and dehumidifiers, controlling   and  minimizing  harmful substances according to the latest environment standards.

•Operation, maintenance and revamping of waste treatment installations and exhaust gases

filtration systems.